Zoho Books – Tip: Import Bank Statements

Zoho Books – tip: Import Bank Statements


The ability to import bank statements in Zoho Books – our cloud accounting system of choice – is a great time saver. In addition to the ability to match bank account and management account transactions, imported bank statements allow you also to add & match transactions that had not yet been created and to reconcile the bank account (i.e. the GL account that is your bank account reconciled to the bank statement imported from your account at the bank).


Bank Statement Import


This should be easy – and it is – if your bank statement meets two criteria (one of which does not seem to make sense to us). This is where it got tricky for us and the main reason for this post.


The criteria are


  • the file name is saved with an extension of .csv or .tsv (the site throws error messages if your bank statement has a different file extension)
  • the format of the figures (withdrawals & deposits) is the same as indicated here




  1. Deposits & Withdrawals are both represented as positive figures, each in their own column.
  2. Additionally there cannot be any empty “required fields” (which might be the case if your statement contains opening and closing balances).


If you get error messages regarding point


  1. Reformat the withdrawal column
  2. Delete the offending lines
    and reimport your statement.


We currently import our bank statements into Google Drive and then edit them as a Google Docs spreadsheet to ensure the correct formatting. In the future we hope to make a simple Google Apps script available to automatically format the bank statements.