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MailChimp is our newsletter & broadcasting system of choice. We just love the functionality of managing lists & campaigns (recipients & newsletter content) separately. The system is not only thoroughly thought through but the experience from operating it clearly shows in the finer details as well. The great integration with Google Apps (contacts, calendar) & (our CRM tool of choice) only add to the likeness factor.


Welcome to MailChimp


Components of MailChimp

1) Newsletter Subscriptions (Free & Paid)

MailChimp uses the double opt-in process for our built-in list-management system. Double opt-in helps us maintain clean and spam-free lists, because that means better deliverability for everyone—not to mention happy subscribers. You can even charge new subscribers a fee to receive content. This is especially useful for exclusive & subscription based content.

2) Integration

MailChimp integrates with Facebook & other social networks. Its Facebook integration enables you to allow your readers to like your campaigns. You can add a signup form to your Facebook page and also (reversely) enables you to pull your profile into an email campaign, so your subscribers can receive updates about what you’re saying on Facebook via MailChimp.

Furthermore, MailChimp  has integration with a vast array of web services (45 different ones) enabling you to tie MailChimp seamlessly into “your company web” – the tools you have already been making use of.

3) Time Warp, Geolocation & Dynamic Content

Choose what time of day you want your campaign sent, and MailChimp will deliver it at the same local time worldwide.

You can also target your audience by location—even if you haven’t collected any location data; and

with Dynamic Content, MailChimp allows you to dynamically change the content of your campaigns, based on your subscribers’ interests and locations.

 4) Email Beamer, RSS to Email & Inbox Inspector

 The Email Beamer im MailChimp allows you to write an email in Outlook / Gmail / or any other email program, and beam it to MailChimp without having to log in.

Inbox Inspector tests your email template by generating screenshots for your subscribers’ most used email clients.

MailChimp’s RSS‑to‑email campaigns automatically go out when you update your blog or another RSS feed. Both of these features could be useful to manage / automate news-updates for online store fronts (especially combined with Dynamic Content).

5) MailChimp Mobile & Offline Data Collection

With MailChimp you are not even only bound to your computer with a browser. The apps allow you to manage your list, collect signups, scan coupons and more — all from your smartphone or iPad:

– Chimpadeedoo, the iPad app, let’s you add new subscribers, manage your lists and view reports wherever you are

– Chimpadeedee, allows you to collect signups without an internet connection and sync them with your MailChimp account as soon as you are back to the grid.

6) MailChimp Labs

The Rocket Science Group love tinkering around with technology. Some of their experiments turn into products, which are MailChimp Labs. MailChimp Labs include


… and so much more



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