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 Even in the cloud there are only two types of people – the ones who have lost data through the lack of backing up and those who will.

While the chances of losing data in the cloud are actually mitigated because all serious cloud providers make use of their own backup strategies (ie storing your data in three different data centres worldwide or even making tape backups in some instances), you should never assume that your data is save from loss. That’s why the gold standard is the triple-backup of local, offsite & cloud. Often you can combine offsite & cloud. That would leave you with only two “places” of your data (despite one being backed up on its own again). That’s where Cloud-to-Cloud backup comes in.


What if your trusted cloud provider for email looses your data (unlikely but not unheard of) ?

To be ready for this scenario, it is a good idea to have your cloud-email backed up to another cloud player.

Let’s say you are using Google for email. Backupify will enable you to backup your email to space on Amazon’s servers. That way you will not lose any data should Google lose your emails for any reason.

Backupify even allows you to do the same for other types of data such as your Google Docs (documents, spreadsheets & presentations), calendar, contacts and more.




Components of  backupify

1) Cloud-to-Cloud Backup (Google Apps & Social Media)

Social Media platforms are one of the main channels of communicating with your clients and interested audience(s) online. It can contain information you might want to keep. Backupify enables you to backup your content from your social media channels in addition to your email, calendar & contacts.

By using Google Apps, you have lowered the risk for your business of losing data due to hardware failure. However, the second largest cause of data loss still exists – user error. Backupify protects your business against user error. It enables your business to have a backup of all your important data that is stored in Google Apps.

2) Cloud-to-Cloud Restore

Backupify offers One-Click Restore for Gmail messages, Google Drive, Google Calendar appointments, and Google Contacts. No downloading from Backupify then uploading to your cloud service; just click a button and your content is returned to the original accounts, just like it never left. If you need your data back online quickly, Backupify can’t be beat.

3) ZIP Export

You can export the complete contents of any account in your Backupify archives. Don’t just download a single Flickr photo or Gmail message, download all your Flickr photos or Gmail messages. For Google Apps domains, you can directly download the complete contents of any single user account: All the Gmail messages, Google Drive, Calendar Appointments, Contacts and Sites owned by any user on your domain. Locally Archiving data can’t get easier.

4) Domain-Wide Search

Google Apps domain administrators can search through each user account on their domains, speeding up support and oversight tasks for those of you managing large groups of users.



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