Curator’s Choice: Google Apps Password Reset


This app once installed allows for users to self manage the password reset process for any Google Apps enabled domain.


Components of Google Apps Password Reset

1) Self service automatic password reset

This is a benefit not to be underestimated – especially in small businesses. Once you have staff, you will quickly have to deal with the issue of forgotton password. This might not be much of a hassle when you are dealing with one or two people but the more you grow the more the request for password resets will grow.

2) Empower your users

Your staff members can be empowered by a tool like this to reset their own password. Gone are the days where your IT personnel (possibly even outsourced) presents a bottleneck. Your staff reset their passwords on their own as and when required.

3) Save admin support time

IT resources (equipment & personnel) are not cheap nor are they always readily available. Being in a small business means that you have to make the best use of your time on any given day. Having these critical resources tied up in banal password resets for your staff, robs you of their effective use and leads inadvertently to lost productivity. Change that through the use of an inexpensive tool such as this one.


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