Curator’s Choice: Insightly


Insightly is a web based Customer Relationship and Project Management system specifically designed for the cloud and to address the requirements of small and medium sized businesses.

We like the tight integration that Insightly provides as a result of having been designed around Google Apps for Business – our choice of cloud communication systems for business.  Google Docs (on-line office suite), Gmail (group email and communication) and Google Calendar (calendaring services) are well integrated. Insightly even makes use of Google Apps for login and authentication.

Insightly CRM App Review



Components of Insightly

1) Google Apps Integration

Insightly was created with complete Google Apps integration. Import Google Contacts, link Google Docs, export to Google Calendar, and lookup information with our Gmail gadget. Built right into Gmail, Insightly can keep track of your email messages and ingeniously associates and links each message saved with the right contacts and organizations so you have a complete email history – all without lifting a finger. Search or browse your Google Docs from within Insightly, and link and attach any Google Doc to the relevant contact, organization, project or opportunity.


2) Track leads, proposals, opportunities and projects

Insightly tracks all your upcoming work and the work in progress now. Assign tasks, attach files, tag important items, and get email reminders all within Insightly. Keep a comprehensive history of all your customer interactions including emails, phone calls, and meetings.


3) Links

The power of Insightly comes from its ability to link related items together, so everything is just one click away. Employees related to their employers, emails related to projects, tasks related to opportunities – all intuitively linked up and just one click away. Great file sharing capabilities allow you to keep important documents and information attached right next to the entities they relate to – projects files, proposals, resumes – you name it.



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