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Components of Box

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One of the simplest ways to understand cloud content management in general and Box’s service offering in particular, is to think of it as your hard drive in the cloud. Even though this is a VAST oversimplification, it covers the essence of what Box does.  Box allows you to store up to 1TB and more of your files in the cloud. These files are then accessible from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

The storage space Box offers can be used as a cloud-enabled backup of your files (you can upload files via web, email or sync software). This way you create an cloud-based-, offsite-, accessible backup of your data, available as and when you need it. You don’t even need to remember where you saved your files, because Box will map your folder structure and mirror / sync it into the cloud.

Because these files contain your IP, Box has implemented strict controlled access capabilities allowing you to decide who sees what, when and where.


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Security Leadership In the Cloud: 


Box makes it simple to share files internally and externally (ie with partners, clients, vendors, etc). It’s as simple as drag and drop files (up to 2GB per file) from your computer to Box. It enables you to share with individuals, teams and even departments at external organizations.

Sharing sensitive materials is often a cause for concern. Box’s service offers granular permission options to control what different people can do with your material.

The tracking / reporting capabilities of Box provide you with comprehensive control over your content. You will always know when what anyone does. downloads, uploads, adds comments to or starts a discussion about files.


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While in its simplest terms, Box could be thought of as your hard drive in the cloud – it definitely would be a very powerful hard drive. That is due to the fact that your data stored in Box, is securely accessible via any web browser you might have access to. Furthermore, Box has built mobile applications for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and others enabling you to access your files, share them, and even edit them on the go.

The extended feature set is part of a initiative called Box OneCloud which collates applications that integrate with Box and as such allow you to perform many more activities than the box app itself, even while on the go.


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Projects often present a challenge – especially when you are coordinating a number of people across various organisations and departments, possibly even from within your client organisation. The usual tools such as emails were never meant for these activities. A major feature of which they fall short, is the fact that they lack the ability to version your files. Box enables you to centralize your project files in a single online workspace and turn folders into shared online workspaces, invite people to view, edit and upload files and more.

You can leave comments on a document, or assign a task. Box allows you to exchange feedback in a central place. Box has also implemented a feed of real-time updates which you can receive as email notifications. That way you will always be up to speed ito of all the shared files for your project.


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Box Enterprise puts you in control by moving document management out of insecure email and complicated, clunky FTP.

A Virtual Data Room In Minutes A few mouse clicks: That’s all it takes to create a VDR with potential partners or customers, where you restrict upload, edit or preview.

Share Critical Information Securely and EasilyBox delivers an array of comprehensive control and visibility tools for even the most security-conscious IT managers.

A Custom-Branded Experience Box’s custom branding ensures you always project a professional appearance; it also provides a familiar space to interact with external customers and partners.


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What if all your content could live in one place online? Box Business and Box Enterprise not only let you store files in a single location, it’s a snap to organize and share all your documents and media.

Upload Documents and Media Box acts as your online virtual file server. Use it to store, share and collaborate on any kind of document and media file.

Organize All Your Content Businesses create, store, share and collaborate on all kinds of digital files. Box makes it simple to manage all that content in a few clicks.

Share Content Securely No matter how, where or when you share content – desktop, laptop, phone or tablet – Box’s sophisticated security features put you in complete control.


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With Box Business and Box Enterprise, Sales always has current marketing materials at their fingertips, from any device. Result: They work with the most powerful collateral and close more deals faster.

Make Sales Smarter Box makes it easy to ensure everybody’s working with the timeliest sales collateral, product specs and pricing info. So Sales can focus on what matters: closing deals.

Accelerate the Sales Cycle Box provides a central place for Sales and prospects to share critical information and reduces the time it takes to close a deal by removing email bottlenecks.

Close Deals Faster By moving contract iterations out of VPN and email and into a separate, secure workspace, Box helps Sales seal deals faster.




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