The internet is a vast space. While that opens up opportunities, it also causes service offerings to spring up and mushroom all over the net. For your company procuring a web service is not a problem. But it shouldn’t be just any web service now, should it? The best ist just good enough for your company, and why shouldn’t it be?  You have poured your heart, sweat and tears into it, so you deserve to make use of the best. The breadth of the internet does unfortunately not make this very easy.

That’s why we have taken it upon us, here at the Small Business Cloud for Enterprise (SBCFE) to scout the web for web services that we see of quality and functionality worthy for your business, and evaluate them. We curate the selection of services for you so you don’t have to.

We enable you to focus on the functionality you need and simply pic and choose from our curated catalogue of services.

You know, you choose the best in every field and do not have to worry about different competing services and listen to pitches from service providers competing for your business.

Check out our core services catalogue CloudAssist and the complementary services set CloudAssist+. We believe you will find something to make cloudify your business.