As a small or medium sized business owner, you know very well that systems are the backbone to a successful company. Unfortunately, as almost everywhere in this world, quality comes at a price. As such, the best systems cater to the companies who can afford to pay a premium, often focusing on large enterprise and come with requirements that make them seem not at all appropriate for  your size company.

The cloud changes all that. 

Imagine, being able to utilise the same world-best-practise, and world-wide best systems that your enterprise competitors use. The cloud enables you to use IT as if it was on tab. Enterprise-grade software for affordable monthly subscription – that is software as a service at its best.

At [tooltip text=””]Small Business Cloud for Enterprise[/tooltip], we specialise in cloud services that address the needs of small businesses but will grow with you and can handle enterprise load just the same. As such, you are getting affordable cloud-enabled IT services on a monthly subscription basis, many of which are used by as much as [tooltip text=””]80% of the Fortune 500[/tooltip] and more than [tooltip text=”Google Apps for Business”]4 million small businesses[/tooltip] world wide.



For more on our curated service catalogue for your business, please have a look at our take on Your Business in the Cloud.