Product / Service Configuration and Delivery

Our standard delivery policy involves the following:

  1. Order Confirmation 

    (within 24 hours)

    We will contact you within 24 hours after your purchase to confirm the service configuration details and get started. During this interaction we will also confirm the most appropriate order of service configuration and the next steps in detail.

  2. Service Set-Up

    (1st service up and running in 48 hours)

    Depending on the outcome of our order confirmation, we will set up the first service in line with to your priorities. We aim to deliver a first set-up as soon as possible and go through an iterative refinement process (where necessary). The next services follow as prioritised.

  3. Becoming Invisible

    (aka Ongoing Maintenance)

    Once all your service are configured and integrated, we aim to “become invisible.” It is our goal that our services just work for you and deliver you the desired business value. If you forget that we exist because it all just works, we are doing it right  : )