Teamwork made easy

Citrix Podio is the new way for more than 400,000 teams to communicate, organize and get work done in one customizable place.


Project Management

Podio, Better Than Project Management Software

The collaborative work platform that’s perfect for managing projects

Unlike traditional project management software, Podio is the tool that empowers you to work the way you want. Unrivaled flexibility, task handling, and file-sharing combined with social activity streams create one platform for executing any project.


  • Task Management

    Fully fledged and always in the right context. Share, label, repeat, set reminders, comment, and attach files.

  • Files & Documents

    Attach and share files in the right context – no more emailing back and forth. Works with Dropbox, GoogleDocs, Box, and more.

  • Project Meetings

    Make your meetings productive. Share agenda and notes. Host online with one click using built in GoToMeeting.

  • Works with Email

    Add data easily to Podio via email. Post, create tasks, comment, add attachments, and more all from your inbox.

  • Social & Mobile

    Collaborate securely with whoever you want, even across companies. And, from anywhere with free mobile apps.

  • Apps for Ultimate Flexibility

    Select from hundreds of free work apps for any type or project. Or, build your own with no technical skills!

CRM Software and Lead Management

Enjoy the power of people centered lead management with Podio and close more deals.



Sales is about people.

Crm-2Manage leads and track sales with Podio in a more social and collaborative way. Streamline your sales process and keep your team involved with automatically shared updates. Making assessments and working towards the same goal as a team results in better data quality and more sales.

The best part: working together in Podio is fun, so your team will readily generate and share all-time available knowledge about your customers. Capture leads via super-easy web forms or simply forward your emails. Use the saved time to focus on your client relationships. There is a bunch more great features waiting, so why not try Podio as your online CRM?

Key Benefits

  • Collaborate more efficiently on converting leads
  • Improve data quality by sharing access and engaging leads
  • Generate sales by leveraging lead endorsements
  • Share real time sales stats so the sales team is up to date on their progress


Social Intranet

Create an instant social intranet site that’s completely customizable to your organisation.

Using Podio as your intranet portal creates a place for everyone to get together, share knowledge, and unleash the power of being social. Every business is different, and your intranet software should reflect this: Podio’s App Market makes it easy to find knowledge management tools that work for you, and with the App Builder no programming skills are required to build a new app designed for your company’s unique processes.

With Podio work is aligned and co-ordination improved, knowledge sharing between colleagues becomes natural and fun, increasing both employee satisfaction and dedication. The shared calendar keeps everyone up to date on important events, and bulletins make sharing company news easy, with thoughts and feedback shared in a structured way. Social Intranet Software for everybody: Podio.


Key Benefits

  • Make work easier through better coordination and alignment in your organisation
  • Instant, customised intranet without the long implementation process of traditional intranet software
  • More engaged and dedicated employees, and a happier workplace