Are you not yet fully become cloud-enabled? If you find a service offering that meets your needs, or even any combination of offerings, you should now be able to go ahead and procure them. That’s often easier said than done – we know. Especially considering that many smaller companies do not have dedicated IT staff skilled in the administration and management of software as a service offerings. Is this you?

Would you like us to help you to procure and manage your business in the cloud? At SBCFE we will gladly assist you in identifying, procuring, configuring and managing the cloud services your business needs. We believe in empowerment of our clients.

The assortment of value-add services from SBCFE includes “your outsourced IT department”, “IT on tap” and even training. We are not only willing and able to support you in your embrace of the cloud, but if required we can tailor unique solutions specifically for your business.

Areas of Interest for you might be (organised by services basket):

CloudAssist : Core Services

– Cloud Communication Systems
– Cloud Content Management
– Cloud Accounting & Finance Systems
Cloud Customer Relationship Management 
– Services enabling your Paper Free Office
Technical Cloud (Support) Services

CloudAssist+ : Complementary Services

– BackUp & Security
– Newsletters & Broadcasting
– Reporting & Analytics
– Workflow
– Project Management
– Travel Management