Invoicing with Zoho Books

Invoices typically account for the primary income for most small and medium sized businesses. Zoho Books (our cloud finance system of choice) supports you in focusing on them, enabling you to take the pain out of creating and managing your invoices. Additionally it allows you to reconcile your invoices to your bank account, increasing the reliability of the data in the system.

Quotes, Invoices, Credit Notes and more

Zoho Books includes all things required to manage the cash inflow of  your business. This includes but is not limited to quotes, invoices (once-off and recurring), credit notes, deposits and so on. You an even create transactions from your bank statement.


For a quick start, there are templates ready for use with quotes and invoices. But these can also be customised. If you have specific requirements you can even create your own templates and personalise your invoices and quotes.

Make Invoices from Quotes

No more retyping! You can quickly convert quotes to invoices as soon as your clients approve a quote.


Invoices and quotes can easily be emailed to your clients and if some of them still work in the not-so-digital world, they can be printed (with a payment stub for payment confirmation).

Transact Globally

Zoho Books supports multiple currencies. Hence, you do not have to make use of conversion rates if you want to invoice your clients. You can price your products and services in your clients’ native currencies.

Online Payments

Zoho books integrates with online payment gateways like PayPal or Google Checkout. This allows you to offer your clients to pay you online and should allow for faster payments.

Once-Off- & Recurring Invoices

For subscription based offerings, creating and recreating invoices can be a pain. That’s why Zoho Books allows you to make use of recurring invoices and automate sending of re-occurring invoices to your customers. Just specify the frequency along with other invoice details and Zoho Books takes care of sending it periodically.

Track Payments

With Zoho Books you can quickly see the status of your invoices (paid/unpaid). Thus you can follow up on the most overdue first ;). Importing your bank statement also helps ensuring you haven’t missed any transaction.

Automatic Reminders | Follow-up

In today’s interconnected world, we are often automatically reminded that a payment date is coming up or that a deduction will take place. You can configure Zoho Books to send out payment reminders to your clients to follow-up on your behalf up to three times per payment. This includes the setting of the number of days after which each of the reminders is to be sent.


“Thank-you” Mails | Payment Acknowledgements

You can configure Zoho Books to send out thank you notes every time your customers make a payment.