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File Sharing …

You have probably heard of Dropbox, one of the most popular file storage (& sharing) service on the consumer web. Maybe you have even investigated using it for your business. However, we often find that sharing via Dropbox is not granular enough for many business needs.


… @ Google

Google take on file sharing and storage in the cloud is called Google Drive. Google Drive is based on Google Docs – Google’s document-, spreadsheet- and presentation creation & –collaboration service. It provides a piece of software that, once installed, synchronises your local files to your online Google Drive.

The file type you want to synchronise, does not matter. These files can then be shared by themselves or as collections / folders, with other people inside and outside your company. Google Drive even knows how to handle more than 30 file types and allows you to view  these files even if you do not have the required software installed on your computer.

Google drive also ties in with a number of web services, that can save their files straight into Google Drive and will open within the web service if selected in Google Drive.

These powerful collaborations earn Google Drive a notable mention in our curator’s evaluation, as it combines a number of new features with its online creation and collaboration suite of Google Docs.

As Google Drive comes part and parcel with the Google Apps suite of cloud communication services (with an extensible 5GB of storage included), it could serve as a great starting point for your cloud content management.


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Also to consider: BOX

Box is our curator’s choice for all things cloud content management. While it is a standalone service, Box’s dedicated enterprise and business focus makes it our curator’s choice. In our opinion its broad functionality and excellent implementation are well worth incurring the additional cost over and above the cloud communications suite of services, especially if your business handles large amounts of documents which you need to share between clients, partners, suppliers etc. or has specialised needs like virtual data rooms (with automatically expiring shared links, very granular permission levels etc)



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