Google Docs

Collaborate on documents – online and in real-time

Google Docs is Google’s take on what word processing and creating & editing of spreadsheets and presentations should look like online. It enables you to create, store and securely share your creations in an instant. You can create new (Google) documents from scratch or upload existing files. No software download is required. All your work is stored safely online and is accessible from any device with an internet connection. (In the instance of cloud hardware, offline capability if often also available.)

Versions exist for the mobile web and as apps for iOS, Android et al.

Operating System Independence: Google Docs works in the browser on PC, Mac, and Linux computers, tablets and smartphones. In collaboration with Google Drive it now supports more than 30 popular file formats.

Easy Uploading & Sharing of Files: Files stored in Google Docs are constantly accessible and are always backed-up online. With Google Drive, you can extend the functionality to include synchronising locally stored files

Access Control: Your administrator can manage file sharing permissions system-wide, and if you are a document owner (ie the one who created a Google documents, -spreadsheet, or -presentation), you can share and revoke access and edit rights at any time.


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