Google Apps Vault

Google Apps Vault

Knowing that your email-in-the-cloud is secure & compliant 24/7 – it’s now possible even without installing costly hardware or infrastructure.

Typically, compliance and e-discovery are support functions which are not part of doing business. Unfortunately that leads to them sometimes not being  a top priority for small and medium sized businesses – until it’s too late (for the first time). Recovering messages and documents can be overwhelming, especially in the case of a law suit. Your business can mitigate this type of risk by investing in compliance and e-discovery tools for Google Apps.


Components of Google Apps Vault

The Google Apps Vault includes:

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Google Message Security is a secure, enterprise-grade spam- and virus protection- and email content filtering service in the cloud. Google Message Security enables you to:

  • Design and enforce email policies [ie for content and compliance requirements]
  • Secure inbound & outbound email [spam, viruses, phishing, etc]
  • Receive email messages even if your email server goes down

Google Message Security allows you to automatically enforce your own email security policies which you could use to help assure legal and regulatory compliance across your organization.

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[learn_more caption=”Google Message Discovery”]

As per Google’s Blog:

E-discovery can be part of virtually any litigation and requires you to search, find and preserve your electronic information such as email. Vault helps protect your business with easy-to-use search so you can quickly find and preserve data to respond to unexpected customer claims, lawsuits or investigations. With an instant-on functionality and availability of your data a few clicks away, Vault provides access to all of your Gmail and on-the-record chats and can provide significant savings to your business over the traditional costs of litigation and eDiscovery.

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[learn_more caption=”Google Message Encryption”]

Google Message Encryption is a service that, as part of Google Apps Vault, provides on-demand message encryption for your business. It enables you to secure your communication with business partners and customers according to your security policy or ad-hoc.

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Google Apps Vault is part our curator’s choice for Cloud Communication Systems.