Google Email = Gmail

If your are not an IT company – focus on running your business, not your email

Gmail is one of the main reasons we made Google Apps for Business our curator’s choice for cloud communication systems. It makes managing email as easy and efficient as possible. With Gmail you get 25 GB of storage for each user and Google’s powerful spam filtering. Google’s email service works on iOS & Android devices as well as BlackBerry.  Gmail provides pop & IMAP functionality and is hence inter-operable with any email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook etc.

With Google Apps for Business’ 99.9% uptime SLA, your email is guaranteed to only be unavailable for less than 9 hours per year. Google does also not schedule downtime, so this 9 hours of unscheduled downtime per annum, is all you’d have to live with.

In most businesses, even scheduled downtime exceeds this number easily.

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Components of Gmail

Email & Chat (IM, voice & video): Each of your staff gets 25 GB of storage for email and chat (we have worked in large enterprise where I would only get 90MB).

Access your mail – anytime, anywhere from any device: Gmail is a web-based email service powered by Google. Its web-based nature also you to be productive from your desk, on the road, at home and on your mobile device – online & offline. It even syncs with Android, iPhone & BlackBerry.

Google your emails: The integration with Google’s search allows you to spend less time organizing email and rather find emails as quickly as performing a Google search.

Spam Filtering: Gmail’s adaptive spam filtering sifts out all the distracting, unnecessary spam mails, and enables you to stay focused on what’s important. Google Vault enhances your (spam) protection even further.


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