Elegant and hassle free

  • Beautiful course in 3 steps

    Instantly create and edit online courses, forums and quizzes, share documents and embed any multimedia content straight into your course. With our state of the art visual editor your course will look like an expensive study book with just a few clicks.

  • Available anytime, anywhere

    Our truly mobile service allows access from any modern online device – Mac, PC, tablet or smarthphone. You can create an entire course on your tablet, preview any course file (including MS Office) in a browser, and complete a quiz on your smartphone.

  • Stay on top of your learning

    Eliademy offers an educational calendar where each student will find all assigned courses, quizzes and deadlines. And to ensure that your class will never miss an important update, the platform offers a news feed and e-mail notification system that everybody can personalize according to their own learning schedule.


  • Own your LMS

    Eliademy is built for teachers. If you are limited by your IT department when you are giving visiting lecutures or corporate training and need a simple and easy way to share course content with your students – try Eliademy. Just upload a list of emails and all your students will join you in an LMS controlled by you.