Cloud Hardware


Your Hardware and the Cloud

Moving all of your business-critical processes and -tools online seems like a great idea? Just make sure you can access them. While we can reduce the number of physical servers for our business easily to zero, we unfortunately cannot get rid of all hardware completely.

How will you and your team access all your company documents and/or processes and tools? It is a given that you need at least a laptop, maybe a smartphone and/or a tablet. At SBCFE, we are looking for hardware which enables us easy access to the cloud services and ideally these should work across any and all internet-connected devices.

However, being always online does imply an increased exposure to malware, viruses and other potential online maladies.

Hence, we feel that it is important to decide on the right hardware to allow you to adequately protect you and your business with minimal effort. – We are glad to announce that we have found a few bits of metal and plastic which seem to fit the bill.


User Access

The options for user access (historically laptops & desktops) deal with increased online protection, a reduction in IT administration efforts & a tight integration into the web-services of your choice. These devices are:




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