Cloud Hardware – Chromebooks

The Chromebook is Google’s & Samsung’s take on what a new, faster computer for the cloud should be like.

It starts in seconds, and offers thousands of apps. It has built-in virus protection, and backs up your stuff in the cloud. With automatic updates, it keeps getting better.


Efficient & Easy to Manage

The cost and complexity of managing computers can be daunting – especially when you are running a small or medium sized business. This is not your core focus and it detracts from your main business activities. Being to some degree dependent on your IT to just work, can be a nightmare when not managed properly.

Chromebooks are a simple, complete solution that deliver a superior experience for both IT and end users while dramatically improving the bottom line. Give your users quick, easy access to the web and browser-based apps, like your cloud communication systems (or any of our CloudAssist & CloudAssist+ services) and others, whether they are in the cloud, virtualized, or behind your firewall.


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Light and portable

Chromebooks weigh just over three pounds, and easily fit into a tote or backpack.

All-day battery

Get 6 or more hours of battery life on one charge.


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HD capable screen

Watch high-definition movies on your Chromebook’s HD-capable screen, or connect it to your monitor or TV.

Comfortable portability

Chromebooks come with a full-sized chiclet keyboard, making working or chatting more comfortable. The oversized trackpad makes it easy to click, scroll or swipe.

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3G built-in

3G-enabled Chromebooks allow you to connect on the go, even when there are no local wireless connections.

Expanded Wi-Fi

Chromebooks have dual-band Wi-Fi, making it easier to connect to wireless networks.


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Built for Speed, Endurance & Mobility

  • 8-second boot and immediate resume
  • 8 hours of continuous usage
  • Wi-Fi and 3G with 100MB/month of free broadband
  • VPN and 802.1x support

Unprecedented Security

  • Designed to combat viruses and malware
  • Verified boot
  • User data encryption and tab sandboxing


Effortless Management

  • Web-based device and domain admin controls
  • Seamless auto-updates
  • No imaging, patching, upgrades or backups


P.S.: Google has also developed a desktop for the cloud – they call it the ChromeboxAll of these devices form part of our compiled list of cloud hardware including servers.


Curious about deploying Chromebooks in your business? 

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