Box Sync – Synchronise your Files with the Cloud

Select What You Sync

Desktop sync lets you access the content you work with most! It couldn’t be faster or easier:

  • Choose how many – or how few – Box folders you access from the desktop
  • Sync existing files on your desktop to your Box account in seconds
  • Create new folders from the desktop and sync to Box instantly

Access Files Offline

Desktop sync makes it easy to access Box content from your desktop, even if you’re offline:

  • Synced files and folders are always available on your desktop, with or without a connection
  • Update or add new files while offline; they’ll be automatically synced after connecting
  • Files added by co-workers or other collaborators are downloaded when you’re back online

Get Your Business In Sync

With desktop sync, your Box content is synced to your desktop, workflow accelerates andeverybody’s more productive:

  • View and edit Box files – and shared folders, too – right on your desktop
  • Every time you edit a file, your team immediately receives the updated version
  • Access synced content anywhere, from any device: phone, tablet, you name it

Manage Conflicts

When you’re working on multiple projects with different stakeholders, it’s bound to happen:

  • Two people make edits at the same time. No worries – desktop sync is up to the challenge. Sophisticated conflict management automatically detects simultaneous changes
  • File copies are quickly saved, so your team can review any version discrepancies
  • Email notifications – alerting you if a colleague edits one of your synced files – reduce conflicts


Box Sync: The first Cross-Platform Sync for the Enterprise


Keeping Your Business in Sync


Box Sync is part of the Box Tool Set. These tools are aimed to facilitate cloud content management.

P.S.: Here’s a tip for installing Box Sync after adding Box to Google Apps for Business via the Google Apps Marketplace.