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    African Cloud Solutions
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  • Curated or DIY

    our curated cloud services catalog offers you expert-built bundles - the quickest way to get started - as well as a-la-carte services to build your own
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  • Cloud Advisory

    Not sure how to get started in the Cloud? NO WORRIES!! Our Cloud Advisory Service makes it easy.
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  • Will You Choose the Cloud?

    An overview of what makes the cloud different & in the opinion of the feature cloud-CEOs and -founders - better. Box says it best :)

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  • Work in the Future

    Work doesn't have to be somewhere you go. It can be something you do WHEREVER you are.

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  • Services

    • Advisory

      There are many ways to skin a cat - and there are as many ways to solve a business problem. Let us future proof your business and map out your most suitable way into the cloud.
    • Company Registration

      We understand that there are a million and one things that entrepreneurs and founders have to do. Administration and queueing should not be …

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    • Cloud Readiness Assessment

      Let's identify the quick wins to start embracing the cloud TODAY - with our Cloud Readiness Assessment.

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    • Cloud Strategy Development

      Don't let user adoption dictate your journey to the cloud. Our holistic Cloud Strategy Development approach ensures that immediate benefit…

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    • Cloud Solution Design

      Future-proof your business with our Cloud Solution Design workshops. Let us design the right solution for you - TOGETHER.

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  • Testimonials

    • “KeMaru does not get carried away by theory of what might be possible – but rather deliver results that work.”
      – R Press , MD, Academic Rights Press

      Academic Rights Press
    • “[Our] experience with KeMaru has been as simple as identifying problems affecting our productivity in the office and referring them to the KeMaru team for solutions.”
      – S Youmbah, Embassy of the Republic of Congo in South Africa

      Embassy of Congo in South Africa
    • “Extraordinarily professional… KeMaru, is a blessing in disguise for SMEs.”
      – M Moeti, Publishing Editor, Management Pulse

      Management Pulse
    • “We value KeMaru’s strategic thinking and advisory services.”
      – T Monnakgotla, Director, Naga-e-Tala

    • logo

      “Their [KeMaru’s] service is excellent as they are always available when required.”
      – B Potgieter, CFO, Bascon

    • Cloud Bundles

      Our Cloud Bundles make it easy to get started. The bundles consist of curated best-in-class cloud services for related business tasks. Their modular design allows you to start with one and add other bundles later.
    • A la Carte Menu

      all of our services are available a la carte - which means you can pick and choose from our curated list of service in any which way you like
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